Thursday, June 21, 2012

CWS Homework Photography Set 2

It's Thursday & my travels have yet again, taken me to photography. Our assignment at CWS was to take photo's with shadow settings. This is what I came up with:

The first picture needed to be a head shot.

Di Bodysuit (Pink)
 Grant Earrings Rose Quartz Stones

Elegante Updo (Platinum)

.:Glamorize:. :
 RaRa Lips (wine)

The 2nd needed to be a full body causal.

 Di Bodysuit (Pink)
Grant Earrings Rose Quartz Stones
Shelan Pants (Blue)
Mara Hangbag (Blue)
Etnia Bangles (Bright Gold)

Elegante Updo (Platinum)

.:Glamorize:. :
 RaRa Lips (wine)

Soul Shoes

The 3rd one needed to be a full body formal.
Bliss Couture:
  Nayade Feather Gown (White)
Charity Hat
Temprence Hair (Champagne)

Alienbear Design: 
Princess Haukea Earrings (White)
Princess Haukea Necklace (White)

The final picture assigned I haven't gotten around to, because I missed the style show. However come tomorrow that picture will join the others on my flickr page. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rules of Thirds

I finally got around to doing my photography homework for UCWS. The lesson itself was on "Rules of Thirds" Don't know what that is? It's basically a layout of 9 boxes that can be applied to your pictures. Think of the tick-tack-toe game you used to play or still do (like me). The intercept of the lines and horizontal or vertical is points that draws the eye. When taking a 'good' picture try to get the items in the picture to fall along them. For example here was my first picture:

Draw a tick-tack-toe board within this picture you will see where the lines will go & intercept.

For this one, do the same.

This neat little trick also works on landscapes. However with landscapes make sure the horizontal line is on the horizon of the land scape.

Over all, it's something to do while taking any kind of pictures. Coming from a person who doesn't take pictures often, I find it to work wonders! Try it yourself and don't be shy to share with me!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

CWS: Stripper & Styling Summer Theme

Today in my travels I entered a contest at CWS with the theme 'Styling Summer'. I have no problem in confessing I still get VERY nervous before I do any kind of show and this one... was no different. However the models who participated were a good bunch and enjoyable to walk with. I ended up placing 3rd. Also the day before I entered the Stripper Theme contest at CWS & placed 3rd.  If you would like to know where I got my items please look below the picture. You'll find my style card. 

I picked this look to show that strippers may flaunt their affections on the stage, however they also have hearts that can break like everyone else. 

Style Card

She scanning across the open crowed of people the mascara runs for her Beautiful Eyes by T&T design. Knowing the costume picked out with care for tonights show, Tropicana Swimsuit in Cherry by one of her favorite  designer PurpleMoon. Tied with a pair of Mariah earring by the same designer will wow this crowed. The Bax Black Patent Ankle Boots click along the stage as a seductive smile is brought to her red lips. She beckons the ladies and gentleman to come closer with her  Jupiter Gloves by XTC and long Jupiter stocking legs. She spins to have the Idontbleach Yippy locks by [LeLutka] as she leave the crowed wanting more. Thank you.

I picked this look to show there's a few ways you can style that summer dress in your inventory by adding some fun accessories.

Style Card
Zaks is ready for the summer are you? Let's remove the dark color and add some pastels. The lovely Picnic Chic by Vita's Boudoir should do the tick! With an additional matching picnic basket in hand and a hat to keep that sun out of those pretty eyes. But that's not all the accessories you need for this summer picnic outing, make sure to tie in your Soul strap-heels from N'core with your favorite Lily Necklace by PrupleMoon. There now! Oh! Don't forget to take a quick look in the mirror at your Trend hair by [Lelutka] for it to all be in order. Okay! You're now all ready to go on that picnic with that special someone. Please take Zaks arm so we can be off! Thank you

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UCWS and the Blog Class

Here I am in class at CWS blogging my very first blog in SL. After 4 years in SL you'd think I've done mostly everything. :-P Guess again!