Thursday, June 21, 2012

CWS Homework Photography Set 2

It's Thursday & my travels have yet again, taken me to photography. Our assignment at CWS was to take photo's with shadow settings. This is what I came up with:

The first picture needed to be a head shot.

Di Bodysuit (Pink)
 Grant Earrings Rose Quartz Stones

Elegante Updo (Platinum)

.:Glamorize:. :
 RaRa Lips (wine)

The 2nd needed to be a full body causal.

 Di Bodysuit (Pink)
Grant Earrings Rose Quartz Stones
Shelan Pants (Blue)
Mara Hangbag (Blue)
Etnia Bangles (Bright Gold)

Elegante Updo (Platinum)

.:Glamorize:. :
 RaRa Lips (wine)

Soul Shoes

The 3rd one needed to be a full body formal.
Bliss Couture:
  Nayade Feather Gown (White)
Charity Hat
Temprence Hair (Champagne)

Alienbear Design: 
Princess Haukea Earrings (White)
Princess Haukea Necklace (White)

The final picture assigned I haven't gotten around to, because I missed the style show. However come tomorrow that picture will join the others on my flickr page. 

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