Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rules of Thirds

I finally got around to doing my photography homework for UCWS. The lesson itself was on "Rules of Thirds" Don't know what that is? It's basically a layout of 9 boxes that can be applied to your pictures. Think of the tick-tack-toe game you used to play or still do (like me). The intercept of the lines and horizontal or vertical is points that draws the eye. When taking a 'good' picture try to get the items in the picture to fall along them. For example here was my first picture:

Draw a tick-tack-toe board within this picture you will see where the lines will go & intercept.

For this one, do the same.

This neat little trick also works on landscapes. However with landscapes make sure the horizontal line is on the horizon of the land scape.

Over all, it's something to do while taking any kind of pictures. Coming from a person who doesn't take pictures often, I find it to work wonders! Try it yourself and don't be shy to share with me!

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